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We have so much in common—food, movies, books, sense of humor—and get along great.

He has met my whole family, and we are just enjoying every minute we spend with each other. My best friend's brother-in-law was attempting to set me up with a co-worker, and it wasn't going well.

We fell into a routine very quickly, and a month later I asked him if he was my boyfriend.

He came back a month later, again as the guest speaker, and said he'd like to get together with me to talk about writing.Since I'm never one to give my number out, I was hoping he'd give me his..nope.A day later, my friend texted me saying he'd asked for my number from her boyfriend, and I got so excited.Waking up in the morning wasn’t awkward, either—we laughed and chatted about the night before, and the fact that he remembered not only my name but my best friend's name was a major plus in my book. He texted me the next day letting me know he had a great time and would like to take me out on a date the next weekend.We continued to go on dates, he would come over and we would binge watch 'Breaking Bad' and make dinner—and all the while we slept together.

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