18 yr old dating 13 yr old

PS: If he wants to make out with this girl, it's going to happen whether you allow this movie thing or not.

This is something that I recall my mother telling my father when I was in HS and it was genius.

If I was going to do something stupid, it wouldn't matter if I had their permission or not. He sounds like a good kid, with a good head on his shoulders...be careful about implying otherwise. I was really impressed with the rules of one family I grew up with. I can assure you there were some girls close by ;) My son is also a new 13 yr old..looks about 16 though!

Better that they allow it with their guidance (and getting to know him) than restrict it and be kept in the dark. He attend with at least 2 other "couples" that you and your husband have met. There were no restrictions on what age you could have boy friends or girlfriends, but they were only allowed to spend time together as part of the other person's family functions until age 16. I thought this was great because it forced them to get to know one anothers families. I can't imagine they can get into any trouble getting dropped off at the movies. He has a girlfriend who is a yr older (so she is actually my daughters age and they are in classes together.) I do let them hang out..the Y, they have hung out here at my house w/someone else always around.

Would he settle for a mixed group of 13 yr olds going to movies?

You are either going to allow this or not, but please don't make the contingency that you go with him.

You either trust your son to make a good choice or you don't.

I can literally spy on them from the hardware store across the street!

But kids around here seem to prefer to "date" in groups, even in high school.

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