530 validating sender

Common SMTP errors are 550 5.7.1 'Unable to Relay', error code 5.0.0, 5.7.1, or 5.7.3 etc.501 5.7.1 is another error code that can occur if there are problems while relaying email through Exchange.Just like 550 5.7.1 it also indicates that the user email client failed to authenticate on the mail server.

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Example——at command prompt type ping smtpout.——you must have a space after ping or it won’t work. In such case, you need to relay off the Exchange server 2007 by allowing application servers.You have to implement some relay restrictions on the virtual server.In such case you need to repair the corrupt database using utility Eseutil.If it fails to recover your data then you need some powerful Exchange recovery software.

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