Accommodating the a 380

To date, only about 240 A380s haven been delivered, with roughly 75 more still on the order books.

I feel a certain glee in learning that production of the Boeing 747 — a plane whose future is itself in serious peril — will outlive that of the A380, the jet that took its place as biggest in the world.

The decision to close the assembly line comes after Emirates, the plane’s largest operator, walked back a recent order, opting for A330 and A350 models instead.

Emirates has over a hundred A380s in its fleet, but elsewhere sales have been sporadic.

For all the badmouthing I’ve done, I’ll fight to score a seat on one.

It’s only a matter of time, meanwhile, before Boeing announces a similar shutdown of the 747 line. Airlines are still plenty hungry for big aircraft — just maybe not the ones with four engines.

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