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________________________________________ Time passed, and they got Nathalie a cup of tea, and she was sitting down, relaxing. Normally, the akumatized victims were never harmed or effected in any way, after being cleansed. So much power was put into her, and when all that power was drained out of her, it left her body weak.

Ladybug and Adrien were sitting down in another room, talking.

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She instead wore a dark purple and black outfit, that looked like it was spun from spider webs. I heard a beep of my miraculous, but there was no way I could leave Ladybug here with Weaver! Ladybug quickly cleansed the akuma, and during that, Chat ran off before his transformation wore away. "I am so sorry," Nathalie dusted off her clothes, and straightened up her hair to look more presentable.Join our free community now and gain access to post topics, communicate privately with other members, respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. Please feel free to join as above but understand that this is a moderated site and those who cannot play nicely will be quickly removed. We welcome and appreciate supporters from other clubs who wish to engage in sensible discussion.He likes the company of the girl, and wants to get to know her even better. Now I only had five minutes to fight until my transformation wears off. My hand was absorbed in the power, and I touched the spider web Ladybug and I were stuck to.

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