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The "hourly rooms" for gentlemen who want to enjoy themselves with young boys in Prague are also infamous.Those running gay enterprises bet on that; the rooms are always immediately adjacent to the clubs.What's more, one must be sufficiently prepared for the interview.At roughly two meters tall, this guy with the effeminate gestures doesn't mince words. His own social work clients have robbed and threatened him more than once. Shortly after he comes out from the next room in which he regularly meets with his social work clients, most of whom are former prostitutes, both female and male, the vast majority of whom have been on drugs. The social work clients can cook food and spend their free time at the center, talk about their problems and work in the workshops.The vast majority of them take drugs themselves or sell them, just like Honza. I stayed living with my Dad after that, but he's no longer alive now.He got killed in a car when I was 16," Honza begins.Some are college students, others are drug-addicted, others are abandoned boys without parents from the children's homes and juvenile "diagnostic centers".Some want nothing more from life than luxury and will do anything to get it, no matter how extreme. I am getting to know him at Prague's main train station, which is often called the biggest intersection for male prostitution in the country, but the fact that this description no longer really applies to it is clear to the dirty-blond native of Rakovník.

Now he runs an organization based in the Vysočany neighborhood of Prague.

Until July 2008, the organization was located on Nepomuckého street in Prague 5.

However, for reasons that remain obscure, the Prague 5 municipal leadership canceled the lease held by the Projekt Šance (Project Chance) civil association.

Then you get paid ridiculously low amounts of money, at least here at the station," he says.

He believes real money can only be made in the luxurious (or mid-level) gay clubs for which Prague is rather notorious.

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