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The report recommends that under the , every child intervention case that requires a safety assessment should use an actuarial risk assessment tool “to determine if preventative safety measures and services are required” (at 4).Where the risk assessment indicates that further intervention is required, the FVDRC recommends several mandatory checks as a matter of standard practice, including criminal record checks on the parents and court system checks for protection orders granted under the , as well as for restraining orders, peace bonds and similar court orders.

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Short of these software developments, the report recommends “mandatory manual searches for multiple proceedings and previous orders in all court systems” and “a mandatory formal information-sharing arrangement between court systems …

In its to the third case review, also released in March 2018, the Minister indicates that since the incident, it has implemented “improved supports to help frontline staff critically consider risk assessments” (at 3).

The Minister accepts the recommendations for better information sharing between courts, and interestingly, states that the government “accepts the recommendation to adopt the widespread implementation of integrated family violence courts in Alberta,” noting that, “there are currently several courthouses throughout Alberta that have Integrated Family Violence Courts” (at 4).

The second FVDRC was published in September 2016 and concerns a 2013 murder of a woman by her estranged husband who then killed himself.

According to the report, the couple had lived together for about nine years and had one child together.

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