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After lagging behind for most of the Season, the Mariners raced to a CLEAR VICTORY with some brilliant tranfers. Adu wins a special prize from the ADC and possibly a cash amount! The ADC hopes the members that participated in the BTB enjoyed themselves!!!

Friday 27/05/16 Balance Sheets to be updated today!!

Wednesday 25/05/16 News is slowly filtering in regarding the AVA of players in clubs for the TZLC9.

Some players have decided to exit the TZLC citing injuries or lack of time.

The ADC is currently checking the responses to the form.

Those that have not submitted the form will be penalized along with their club.

Managers MUST send emails to their Chairmen and BOD ASAP. The ADC will be contacting the NEW CLUB from Papal soon.

Beeraj has also contributed a lot but his participation in a physical capacity was not up to his or the clubs standards.Due to its ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY, it has decided that ENOUGH is ENOUGH and the indiscipline within clubs is undesirable.Managers that FAIL to control their squad members are also considered to be a part and parcel of the punishment.Players dropping out will always be a part and parcel of the TZLC as the standards keep going up.Those that are injury prone and do not take care of their health will obviously find it difficult to play 90 mins matches.

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