American reality television dating game who is bethany joy lenz dating

Taylor has talked about this ‘Canada Man’ in her podcast titled Let’s Talk About it With Taylor Nolan in a recent episode. Derek Peth was on The Bachelorette season with Jo Jo Fletcher.

This is the aspect of entertainment that was further pushed and perfected in reality television with such shows like “The Dating Game.” The aim of the show was to match the contest with the perfect date.

“Reality TV is the genre of programming in which the everyday routines of “real life” people (as opposed to fictional characters played by actors) are followed closely by the cameras”(Frisby).

In this genre there are three major categories of shows: game shows, dating shows, and talent shows.

However, the danger with this is that it is possible for these shows to promote a false sense of reality in American society.

Much like “An American Family” created a reality that spoke of taboo subjects like divorce and economic standing, shows like “The Bachelor” and “The Flavor of Love” are equally as capable of setting the social agenda.

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