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As Chris Rosebrough pointed out, nothing could have been further from the truth. Below the sermon review is a good article expressing and addressing the issues with Andy Stanley’s teaching.

Actually it might be better to say he’s no longer hiding his theological liberalism.

He defines the Temple Model as being controlled by sacred places, sacred texts, sacred men, and sincere followers.

His definition of the true Jesus religion comes from half a verse in Galatians.

Click Here to Download this episode Program segments: **Do Not Miss the Sermon Review, It’s THAT Important** • 2015 Prophetic Stragglers Matt Sorger & Jim Bakker • Cindy Jacobs and the Highway of Holiness? (Accessed 21/02/2015.) Philip Lee writes, What Andy Stanley is Teaching This Month and Why it Matters I’ve listened to Andy Stanley’s most recent Sunday sermon three times now. I listened to the download made available by North Point Community Church, which came from the second service and contains a few minor differences compared to the sermon I watched live.

Finally, I listened to Chris Rosebrough’s review of the sermon in the February 16 edition of Fighting for the Faith. I think what’s happening at North Point this month is going to have long-lasting effects on American, and even global, Christianity.

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