Ask dating question when 55 plus dating

Once upon a time, back in our parents and grandparents era, people dated, fell in love (sometimes), got married, and had kids. Marriage continues to be on the decline and relationships come in many shapes and sizes today.

While this is beautiful in so many ways, it does make dating way more complicated.

As someone who loves to blow money left and right, I can tell you being in a relationship with someone frugal is extremely difficult.

It either ends up in a fight, or me paying just so they'll shut up.

Being able to retain what you've worked hard to achieve is your right.

Though your partner may claim it's 'not romantic' and is in anticipation of a breakup, you're at the one point in your partnership where you can enact such specificity.""Your previous relationships were all tests of what you thought you wanted or needed or a combination of both," says Silva.

Since relationship goals and wants can vary, if you want to make sure you're not wasting each other's time, here are some key questions you want to ask in the early stages of a relationship."The question of monogamy is no longer a given," author and relationship expert Susan Winter tells Bustle.

There's a lot more to consider now when you want to make sure you and someone you're getting into a relationship with are on the same page.

But Behavioral Scientist, Clarissa Silva tells Bustle it may be best to approach dating by testing out what she calls "Your Happiness Hypothesis", aka "your personal algorithm that can help minimize some of our own expectations," she says.

If your relationship is evolving toward commitment and marriage, this is absolutely a question you want to ask.

It's fun to think that you'll be together forever, so money will never be an issue on the other side of marriage, but you never know.

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