Astronomical dating

In relative astronomical evidence the navagraha can be mentioned as rising or setting at the horizon or they can be placed with respect to each other anywhere between the horizons.

The relative evidence may include information of sun rise or sun set.

The Mahabharata is sometimes called as the sheet anchor of the Hindu history.

The last Bharata king mentioned in Atharvana Veda is Parikshit. It also corresponds well with Shrikant Talageri's conclusion that Mitanni civilization corresponds to Late Rig Vedic and not Pre Rig Vedic culture.

The Mahabharata thus has a close affinity with the Vedic Samhita literature. This section will explore the methodology adopted for Vedic astronomical dating.

Since moon moves across one nakshatra in 1 day, position of moon provides the precise day.

The absolute position of sun points to a month, Saturn to a year and equinox/solstice to a millennium.

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