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The male employee was moved to a different floor after the female employee stated she did not want regular interaction with him." report, by over a dozen of his former employees that his London-based corporate headquarters is toxic, especially for women.

“The company has hired an independent organization, Peninsula Group, to formally investigate claims of injustice,” Andreev said in the statement.

When you think about dating apps, Tinder might be the first that springs to mind.

The swipe-based app, along with countless others like Bumble, lets users reject fellow singles with a mere swipe of a finger and after nothing more than a cursory glance at their photos and a half-hearted look at their bio.

"I find Hinge makes it much easier to discover common ground and start a meaningful conversation instead of the dreaded cold start.

Some women believe it could also increase their safety when online dating.

I've had that happen on there before." She's not entirely sold on the idea, however. Not knowing what someone will be like is part of the fun."Some also believe that livestream online dating could result in more unwanted images.

"The number of guys out there who only send dick pics is already off the charts.

"Chatting is easier on swipe-based apps and can happen at any time, rather than having to set time aside for a live chat."Other dating apps such as Hinge, which markets itself as being less superficial than Tinder, and Huggle, which connects you to people who hang out in the same haunts, are gaining in popularity.

Hinge, founded in 2012, uses your Facebook friends to facilitate connections, pulls information from your Facebook profile (your age, location, education, job) and invites you to answer ice-breaker style questions (such as "go-to drink order" and "three emojis that describe me"), making for an arguably more personal online dating experience."Hinge allows you to have a more natural conversation than Tinder or Bumble because of the way it’s set out, with the questions and the ability to start conversations about individual photos or answers," says Jennifer Roberts, 27.

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