Bernice liu and moses chan dating

Moses and Bernice also did not admit their relationship had ended to the public until after exposure, and the reports damaged Bernice’s reputation significantly.

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As for artistes making public of their relationships, Bernice said: “It doesn’t related to your job as an artiste, it’s whether you want to or not. Because it’s not stable yet, so she didn’t tell my family until she feels comfortable about it.If repost, please with TVB or others, and is used only for personal interest to provide translated e-news.Original articles are in Chinese and is from various Chinese newspapers.Having started his career working mostly on films, Chan subsequently concentrated on his TV acting career with Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), including roles in productions like War and Beauty, a drama produced by TVB.On 17 November 2007, he won both the Best Actor and Most Favourite Character Awards at the TVB 40th Anniversary Award Show for his character Dak Dak Dei (得得地) in the popular drama series Heart of Greed.

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