Best chinese dating app

The apps's introduction section does a good job of giving a basic historical overview, as well as explaining some of the different aspects of the language, which may confuse those who are unfamiliar with it.

The main section of the app teaches characters, based on their etymology.

As the most common Chinese dialect is Mandarin, that is what the apps in this App List will focus on, although the diversity of apps listed should aid in a diversity of educational needs.

What sets this app apart is its focus on the concepts behind the Chinese language and not just the language itself.

Using pinyin, a system used to transcribe Chinese characters into Latin script, this e-book immerses you in a fun and safe learning environment.

There are five different levels, ranging from all English to all Chinese.

The app is an educational and amusing diversion, which should help keep your study of Chinese fresh.

Pleco is a popular dictionary app that can become so much more than just a dictionary.But the app's potential as a comprehensive learning companion was clear.I would say that KTdict is the better Chinese-English dictionary for casual learners, while serious students will want to pick up Pleco.It allows you to learn the basics of writing Chinese characters with a 25 character tutorial.You can then register for a login ID on the Popup Chinese website, which will allow you to unlock an in-app practice mode with 1000 extra characters, in both simplified and traditional Chinese. You must tap on them and draw them correctly to earn points.

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