Blind dating plot summary

The two met in Calcutta, where their marriage was arranged by their parents.Ashoke is a graduate student in electrical engineering at MIT.A dropped page of that book caused the authorities to recognize Ashoke in the wreckage, and they saved his life.The Gangulis wait for an “official” name for Gogol to come in the mail, from Calcutta.Gogol and Moushumi initially resist this blind date, but find that they like and understand one another. After about a year, they marry in a large Bengali ceremony in New Jersey, near where Moushumi’s parents now live. Gogol also resents the specter of Graham, Moushumi’s banker ex-fiancé, who was good friends with the artistic crew Moushumi still adores.

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He meets a young woman in New York named Maxine, who leads a cosmopolitan life with her parents downtown.Gogol begins preschool, then kindergarten, and Ashima misses spending time with him, and walking around the neighborhood.Gogol begins school, and although his parents have settled on an official name, Nikhil, for him to use there, Gogol insists on being called “Gogol,” and so the name sticks.The novel begins in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1968.Ashima Ganguli, expecting a child, makes a snack for herself in the kitchen of her apartment, which she shares with her husband, Ashoke.

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