Body lang dating

So even if you aren’t feeling strong or confident, exhibit those qualities anyway. If you don’t smile, people may associate you with negative feelings, and that will kill your chances with any woman.

3) Every guy faces approach anxiety on some level, but be careful when you start to feel the tension and pressure.

4) Be mindful of the fact that people are constantly noticing you.When you get people who are overtly rude, this means they might start off using some eye contact and using a few flirt rituals, but as they realise they’re not really getting anywhere or they’re not keen you get a lack of attachment signals.So you’ll begin to see a little bit of an eye dart - one side to the other - to see if there’s anyone else more interesting that might fancy them.Here are some basic but essential tips to help you sharpen your body language: 1) Fake it ‘til you make it.Scientific studies have shown that when we fake it, we begin to feel it, and our brains begin producing the necessary chemicals to reinforce those feelings. When you smile, you invoke positive feelings in yourself and the people around you.

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