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John Muir, Sierra Club founder and Yosemite savior featured in the new Ken Burns docoumentary, was a fantastically creative maker too!

The Sierra Club has posted details about several of his inventions, including an alarm clock that knocks the leg out from under the bed, and his mechanical study desk, pictured above, that "would automatically light his lamp and fire, open the right book to study, and then change books after half an hour." "Was John Muir a Mad Scientist? Now that a terrorist has tried unsuccessfully to blow up a Saudi prince with a bomb shoved up his ass, the TSA is obliged to perform rectal exams on every flier for the rest of time.

Students for Free Culture, in the interest of better informing students about the settlement, has solicited the thoughts of a variety of experts who are providing guest posts reflecting on how the settlement will likely impact students.

This is the second installment in the series, from EFF's Rebecca Jeshke, and it talks about the privacy issues involved.

Mitch's fantastic new book Occult America: The Secret History of How Mysticism Shaped Our Nation shares a "sacred space" on my bookshelf with works by Manly Hall, Robert Anton Wilson, Charles Fort, Jacques Vallee, and Erik Davis.

In fact, Mitch, who is also a book editor/publisher, has revived essential classics by several of those folks. Mitch writes: Hi all, Glad to be here with you for a couple of weeks.

After all, once a jihadi failed to blow up a plane with his shoe, we all needed to start taking our shoes off.

European citizens only have a few hours to urge MEPs to preserve Europe's innovation, competition, and citizen's fundamental rights." Act now to save Net neutrality! ) Read the rest Parker sez, "Although the Google Books Settlement is being modified, the questions it raises are important for students to think about.In all of my work, I try to convey a sense of how occult and mystery religions (things that are very important in my life) are every bit a part of “normal” religious history and, in fact, are the well-spring for most of today’s self-help philosophies, from mental-healing to meditation to motivational thinking.I write for a variety of subculture magazines (Science of Mind, Atlantis Rising, Fortean Times, New Dawn), arts and ideas journals (Esopus, Parabola), and appear on mainstream forums (The Montel Williams Show, The History Channel, Air America) to explore arcane ideas in a way that doesn’t seem so…scary, alien, or faraway.In short, the occult encompasses a wide range of mystical philosophies and mythical lore, particularly the belief in an "unseen world" whose forces act upon us and through us.Here is a piece of my introduction to Occult America that expands on that question....

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