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To know if you have the prerequisites for a successful reunion, you should know if you will be able to form a committee.In the following chapters, we provide you with critical information needed to keep you on track and on budget so that you can have the best reunion possible.Summers plans to attend the campaign's final stop in New York. celebrating 40 years of the Pinto and what better way to celebrate than to amass a large collection of Pintos the same time they rolled onto the dealerships? One lucky winner will win a 1971 Ford Pinto that was built June 2 ... most dealerships threw these awesome little bits of history in the trash on the day the cars were sold.So what is one to do if your Mustang's window sticker is long gone?

The 6.2 has been spotted in the Harley Davidson Edition ... Ford Offers a VIN decoding program (for vehicles 1982-Present) at: .....

The high cost of gasoline has fueled consumer appetites for smaller cars just as manufacturers - for reasons that include, but are not ... had a market share of 2.4 % in the Asia Pacific and Africa region last year.

The automaker is trimming its Lincoln dealer network and asking dealers to improve ... hopes to continue working with the campaign, offering the wraps to other dealerships such as Ford, Dodge and Chevrolet.

We will examine the key elements in forming a committee and what the committee does later in this chapter.

If you can get a committee together and you are commemorating a milestone reunion, your chances are pretty good for generating a lot of interest in a reunion.

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