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I must say that a great amount of work is put on each character and thereby these series become quite interesting. Super Monsters We normally see adult monsters around.But now your kids would be able to understand kids of famous monsters and how they get to settle in pre-school and kindergarten. You will admit that we all love the concept of Tarzan and it is one of the best cartoon characters of our time.

We love the Kids both because they were the natural inheritors of CODCO and SCTV, and even more because they were the last time the CBC did anything risky. The show ran for eight seasons and set the benchmark for the onslaught of legal dramas in the ’90s.

Not everyone has a good family and many of us face abusive relation and behavior.

If you have gone through any such situation then you feel related to this cute girl who is trying to adjust and survive.

(Aunt Hetty disapproves of something, take a swig; trouble at the lighthouse, take two.) 4. Slings and Arrows Paul Gross has never been better than he was as Geoffrey Tennant, the batcrap-crazy artistic director of the fictional New Burbage theatre festival. ), an exigent prima donna (played by Gross’s real-life wife, Martha Burns), Kid in the Hall Mark Mc Kinney as the fest’s general manager and pre–it girl performances by Rachel Mc Adams and Sarah Polley and it’s a drama nerd’s dream come true. What’s not to love about a show in which a gang of mismatched department store dwellers live in happy human/mannequin/puppet/mouse puppet harmony?

High All versions of the decades-spanning real-teen drama would make our top 25, but in the interest of whittling, we’re gonna go with Jr. It’s the classic Zit Remedy Era, back when Joey Jeremiah still had hair and Wheels had yet to lose his innocence in a hitchhiking episode gone wrong. Bonus points for Jodi’s pink jumpsuit (she’d fit right in with today’s onesie-obsessed Queen Street crowd), Jeff’s only-in-the-’80s mullet and a theme song that is—admit it—a little bit groovy. We only wish we’d thought of an RTA drinking game sooner. Being Erica It’s rare that north-of-the-border TV gets much love from our pop culture–immersed American neighbours, but such are the immeasurable charms of Being Erica’s leading lady, Erin Karpluk, whom Entertainment Weekly called “ridiculously winning.” EW also dubbed last spring’s season finale “the best finale (involving time travel) you didn’t watch.” In yo’ face, Lost! The good news: all ended in ’85 and ’86, which makes them just eligible. Here, in no particular order, our top 10 picks and memorable moments from the shows, plus a whole whack of worthy runners-up.

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