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If you lose one person, it’s not a big deal because you have a hundred others at your disposal.Weigel explains, “the whole way these apps are structured makes it so it sort of seems foolish to sink too much time into any one person you get in front of you if it doesn’t seem exactly right.”Author of Gretchen Rubin, explains that people can be categorized as “satisficers” and “maximizers” (or a mix of both).The notion of assumed consent on Tinder is extremely problematic.How are we supposed to respond to these expectations and assumptions that we can’t/don’t want to meet? You know what they say: if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.Why should I spend my time and energy educating someone I probably wouldn’t connect with anyway?I guess there’s the flip side: if you don’t say anything, how do these people know that what they are doing is wrong?

While most people are understanding when you don’t meet their expectations, this is not always the case.We curate ourselves, carefully selecting words and photos that express ourselves as we want to be seen.It can also create global opportunities for individuals.In fact, both ideologies can be damaging when practiced in excess.Like anything else, a healthy balance is necessary.

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