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I have used cell validating event for checking whether the cell is empty or not.

In my sceanrio, i have removed already entered text in the cell and press on the "Enter" key.

So I opt for the more friendly Value Changing event.

Why would the Value Changing Event Args class only has only three useful properties (Cancel, New Value, and Old Value)?

Unfortunately the code only allows integers to be entered in the datagridview.

Since i have a column name as "Item Name" which is supposed to be entered as text there is an issue in the code.

how can I validate column content without getting this error.

I found a suitable code for it from the msdn library.Cell Validated: Fires after the cell has finished validating.Row Validated: Fires after a row has finished validating.When I put a break point in Cell Validating, I found that it fired TWICE whenever I clicked on a row.Thank you for your request to include it in the arguments of the event.

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