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From their glittering thousand-dollar suits, some of them prospered into the best cars, alligator-skin shoes, suites in five-star hotels.All of this often happened alongside barbaric businessmen, guzzling governors and looting legislators many of whom, in moments of guilt or periods of sickness or sadness, sought the comfort of a pastor.For them, their access to the corridors of power is merely part of their own prosperity.They do not see their blindness to bad governance to be collusion, or their silence to be support.It was at Thisweek magazine (now defunct) that I first met him as an intern. Since arriving the United States Olumhense has metamorphosed into one of Nigeria’s foremost social and political critics via numerous articles he has written.No Nigerian public figure, government or business enterprise is safe to engage in unacceptable practices without Olumhense taking aim at the perpetrator(s). Recently he penned an article titled “Private Jets for Jesus” in which he calls out a vagarious behavior amongst some Nigerian pastors.

It helps focus on the celestial, but also conveys the impression of holiness.

When you donate to one of these organizations every penny of your hard earned money goes directly to help rabbits in need.

These are all volunteer organizations without paid employees who save hundreds of rabbits each year through your donations.

The only problem is that in Nigeria, some pastors have often seemed to close their eyes a little too much and too long: allowing celebrity thieves to impoverish the people longer or escape justice.

The pastor thereby becomes an accomplice, accepting vast “contributions” they had reason to know could not have come from a legitimate income.

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