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Discrimination is no longer legal at work or in the provision of services and in schools homosexuality is often taught as a valid form of human expression.This is increasingly challenging to Christians of all persuasions, including Christadelphians, because it puts them in positions where they are required to agree in order to hold down work.The Bible itself actually devotes little attention to the topic and there are only a few relevant verses.In fact, it is only in recent years that anything has been written on this topic by the community, mostly in response to trends in mainstream society.There are few resources within the Christadelphian community for those admitting homosexuality.Ultimately strength would be expected to result from reading the Bible, prayer and through exercising the will.

A few Christadelphian have lost work as a result of this changing environment.

Some counselling might be available from Christadelphian Care Groups.

The issue of homosexuality is rising in importance for the community because of changes in attitude throughout the Western world towards it in the last fifty years.

Historically, though, it was presented as a choice resulting from a sinful nature (like other sins) and a departure from normality.

The homosexual movement and “gay rights” is therefore seen as a movement that seeks to legitimise “the lusts of the flesh” and is also perceived as destructive to the Christian concept of the family.

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