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The Church Fathers often referred to writings other than the documents that formed or would form the biblical canon as "inspired".Some modern English translations opt for "God-breathed" (NIV) or "breathed out by God" (ESV) and avoid "inspiration" altogether, since its most literal meaning (and etymology), unlike its Latin root, leans toward breathing in instead of breathing out.Finally, once I had my list of individual bloggers, I ranked them using a variety of factors.These factors include: The ranking number in the list below is a compilation of these ranking signals. Three basic approaches to inspiration are often described The theory which is commonly described as that of "verbal inspiration" is fairly precise.

The Roman Catholic Church holds the Bible as inspired by God, but does not view God as the direct author of the Bible, in the sense that he does not put a 'ready-made' book in the mind of the inspired person. Instead, Luther "held that they were not dictated by the Holy Spirit, but that His illumination produced in the minds of their writers the knowledge of salvation, so that divine truth had been expressed in human form, and the knowledge of God had become a personal possession of man.

Some discrepancies are accounted for by changes from the autographa (the original manuscripts) that have been introduced in the copying process, either deliberately or accidentally.

Many Evangelicals consider biblical inerrancy and/or biblical infallibility to be the necessary consequence of the Bible's doctrine of inspiration (see, for example, the Westminster Confession of Faith or the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy).

Some of the blogs I inspected are listed below the list of the 100 Top Christians blogs. The list contains many Christian bloggers who write from theological perspectives with which I have some disagreement. (Let’s see who I can offend…) Calvinists, Charismatics, Conservative Baptists, and Catholics, just to name a few. )Below is an explanation of how I went about ranking these 100 Top Christian Blogs.

I will update this list occasionally, so if you want your blog to be considered for future ranking, and your blog is not listed below the list of 100 Top Christian blogs, please include a link to your blog in the comment section. Remember, I, Jeremy Myers, am the ONLY correct blogger in the world. )Anyway, if someone is on the list of Top Christian blogs and you think they are a heretic, don’t burn me for it! First, I gathered the list of Christian blogs using these sites: Second, I removed all “Community Blogs” which had multiple authors.

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