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Servlet Exception; import javax.servlet.annotation. Just as I was about to break down and read the simple date format notes the lightbulb came on and left me with another 'doh' moment. Oh, and the bit with the definition of 'm' -- I must have looked at that half a dozen times puzzling the problem you hinted at.Many developers have commented on this post about the issue of Thread safety in this code snippet.

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that the Assignment is due for 23/11/2016 at , I am able to retrieve the day, the month, the minute, etc. I remember trying to apply it to my task but I was never taught how to use it properly and that's why I came here for help, hoping to find an answer and learn something new along the way, and Simple Date Format might just be the thing that I need.

Thirty years ago we could get away with such short-sighted programming, but not in this day and age when you can get to any corner of the world in a handful of hours.

Http Servlet Response; /** * Servlet implementation class Register Servlet * @param Pawel's got it right; but you plainly haven't. The program refused to let him move on until he corrected his "mistake".

Well, there are a few things that may be universal.

Being raised here in the colonies, we tend to forget that other places throughout the world don't always have what we would consider a "proper" address consisting of a house number, a street name and suffix, city, state, and zip (postal code)...

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