Commercial sex dating sites

Hillard grabbed the woman by the neck and told her he owned her.

Additionally, he told her she would make money for him.

Throughout the night, Hillard refused to provide the victim. After she finished the drink, she fell unconscious.

Now, this is where the story gets dark and twisted for the victim. She told police that she woke up naked and she was laying on a bloody mattress.

Since August, Hillard has been held in Montgomery County, Maryland with no bond.

He faces up to 55 years in prison for charges of second-degree rape, human trafficking, second-degree assault, and false imprisonment. Pimps around the country use Internet dating apps and social media accounts.

The issue is so widespread that several laws have been passed to protect victims trafficked through use of the app.

Earlier this year a law passed that holds apps and websites liable if victims are trafficked using their platforms.

The man said in the message he was in route to the home. He told her they needed to deliver drugs to clients. While Hillard delivered drugs to clients, he left the victim unattended in the car.

Around the globe, more than 40.3 million people are victims of human trafficking.

While slavery is illegal in the United States, criminals still kidnap and traffic victims within the country.

During the search police located evidence consistent with the victim’s statements.

Police arrested Hillard as a result of the search warrant.

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