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Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit.

For .” This includes pleasing God and bringing Him glory with your relationship.

Trust God to bring the right person into your life instead of trying to force somebody to conform to something that you wish they could be.

Seek God’s will in prayer and wait on him earnestly. Abraham and Sarah took having a child into their own hands instead of trusting God, and ended up creating problems in the family and eventually causing international disputes and wars! For more information on finding Christian singles online through services such as e Harmony or Christian Mingle, visit our home page!

After spending lots of time with a person, you get to see what they value and where their heart is.If you dive into a relationship thinking that a person will change their ways after being with you for a while, think again!This will only lead to frustration and insecurity on both ends!If a job, a title, money, or even a hobby is what they worship, then don’t continue in the relationship! Unless they sincerely repent and turn back to God, the idol in their life will pull them further away from Jesus.Sadly, if a person doesn’t have the love of Jesus abiding in them, they will be filled with spiritual darkness and tension in the relationship will grow greater and greater. As cliche as it is, couples that pray together stay together and also have the most satisfying relationships!

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    Many children will still be in regular contact with their other parent and if you come along and try and slot into that role you could be stepping on someone’s toes.

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    Your partner should not make you feel bad about hanging out with friends or make you feel guilty if you want time to do your own things. Economic abuse involves cutting off or limiting your money, but it also includes any time your partner keeps you away from the things you need to be successful.

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