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As severe climate change displaces more people, the international community may be forced to either redefine “refugees” to include climate migrants or create a new legal category and accompanying institutional framework to protect climate migrants.However, opening that debate in the current political context would be fraught with difficulty.

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While the remaining two-thirds of displacements are the results of other humanitarian crises, it is becoming obvious that climate change is contributing to so-called slow onset events such as desertification, sea-level rise, ocean acidification, air pollution, rain pattern shifts and loss of biodiversity.The current system of international law is not equipped to protect climate migrants, as there are no legally binding agreements obliging countries to support climate migrants.While climate migrants who flee unbearable conditions resemble refugees, the legal protections afforded to refugees do not extend to them.In the aftermath of World War II, the United Nations established a system to protect civilians who had been forced from their home countries by political violence.Today, there are almost 20.4 million officially designated refugees under the protection of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)—however, there is an additional group of 21.5 million people The UNHCR has thus far refused to grant these people refugee status, instead designating them as “environmental migrants,” in large part because it lacks the resources to address their needs.

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