Consolidating infiltrate

The most common consolidation in lungs causes are normal things that we’ve all heard of and experienced.Pneumonia is the most common cause of lung consolidation.However, with a bit of rest and following doctor’s orders, you will hopefully be back on your feet within a reasonable amount of time and ready to get along with your day.With some causes of consolidation, air bronchograms may not be visible.For the most part, the treatment for lung consolidation is very similar to how you treat a very severe cold.Rest is first and foremost something that will be prescribed.This usually occurs because of central bronchial obstruction (e.g., by cancer or mucus) or filling of bronchi in association with the underlying pathologic process.

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If the lung consolidation is particularly bad, you may need a machine to help you breathe until you are cured.

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Other common causes of lung consolidation can include: With these causes, it’s good to know what the symptoms are to recognize when you may have lung consolidation.

The symptoms of lung consolidation can be summed up easily in one general theme, which is sufferers of lung consolidation have problems breathing.

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