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But when you make it as a rule at home and have a consequence for breaking it, the results could be better. Tell your teens that if they expect respect from others, they need to give respect to the others.

The world we live in is not safe, and your teenager may not necessarily be the best person to decide on the safety of a particular place that he visits. Give them the laptop only after they have finished their homework.

These basic courtesies are expected by people in the real world.

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Adolescence is also the time when boys and girls explore sexuality and start dating.

Your teenager will soon go to college, which means he or she has to live all by himself, do things on his own and find ways to solve his problems.

More importantly, they need to master the art of self-discipline, which can be achieved with rules that set clear expectations and consequences. Sagari is a math graduate and studied counseling psychology in postgraduate college, which she uses to understand people better.

This is a golden rule that your teenager should follow.

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Parents can knock and enter, and they do not need to wait for a response.Every parent of a teenager feels this at some point in their life.Please don't take this as an insult, but you and all of your friends are complete idiots.Explain the difference between infatuation and love, talk about harmless flirting and rules about socializing with the opposite sex.There is no use for you to be paranoid about your teen coming late to home.

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