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In February 2011, the band will perform on the NME Awards Tour The band's third album, (III) was released on November 21, 2012.The album contains the singles "Plague", "Wrath of God", and "Sad Eyes".[Intro] Hi [Verse 1] Scars will heal, soon The dregs in us spent the earth down [Verse 2] Better than drowning in a burlap sack I live, as Alice, I die Children shouldn't play with dead things Foaming crows tear at their wings Sad eyes cry crimson blood [Verse 3] Drop it, it's dead Wheels won't turn, they won't turn the birdy's head Sad eyes, sad eyes like sharpened daggers You'll never walk, only stagger Sad eyes, quite cryptic Bye Historically the first true Crystal Castles song.The vocals are allegedly derived from a warmup exercise Alice performed in the studio (hence “Alice Practice”), that Ethan later built a song around.Crystal Castles (II) has been met with mostly positive reviews from critics.

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This album reached #48 on UK Singles Chart, #8 on UK Dance Albums Chart, #24 on US Digital Albums, #6 on US Top Electronic Albums, and #3 on US Top Heatseekers.She was not aware that the recording existed until London UK's Merok Records asked to release the track on vinyl. In 18 March 2008 they released their debut album entitled Crystal Castles.This album reached #47 on UK Albums Chart, #6 on US Top Electronic Albums, #13 on US Top Heatseekers, and #32 on US Independent Albums.- In one of Kath's earliest, unreleased demos, he incorporated a sample without permission.On October 8th 2014 it was announced on Alice Glass' Twitter that she was leaving the band.

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