Custom textbox validating user input in live dating in usa

if user inputted date does not match in both textboxes then validation fails and the browser shows a validation error message.

if both textbox text matches then validation success.

Required Field Validator control is used to checks data is entered into the attached control.

The syntax of the required Field control is as given: In this example, I create two textboxes for username and password.

The problem easily fixed (if not easily found) by simply adding the Validation Group property to the validator and of course, matching it up on the button that is supposed to call that validation group.

Next step is to choose the way Super Validator performs validation.In this example I compare the current date with the date entered by user..however, I’m encountering errors so far…I tried something like this: Range validator is used to validate the input value falls within a predetermined range.Since with client-side validation, we can reduce unnecessary round trips to the server.By that, we make our application more responsive and the user will get immediate feedback.

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