Dating a ibanez ts808

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This option more than doubles the time it takes us to do the 808 mod, it is very labor intensive, but we will try to keep the price down. It does not change the tone, but if you tour if could be worth it.

I also stick on the flourescent green gaffer's tape (easy to see onstage) to make it look exactly like his pedals.

On the left is a picture of three of his pedals that he sent me for the mods.It is more transparent and allows more of the guitar's true tone and your playing to come through. It is a subtle difference but it's enough that TS-808s are going for 0 and I can sell as many old TS-808s as I can get.But now there is no need to spend the big $$$ to get the true 808 tone!Pedals and Gibson's can be a strange animal, your Tube Screamer seems to work well with the PAF's.I'm actually getting that Larry Carlton 335/Dumble tone, beautiful sustain!

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