Dating a jensen speaker

They have a balanced and transparent characte that works good for most music styles.The term “American” speakers is wide and not a very precise term.

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If I have it right, the letters in the code refer to powerhandling.The 2 watts per is an interesting rule of thumb, but what I found seems tosuggest it's not strictly linear.For example, I understand that the "J"rated speaker is 10 or 12 watts (organ speakers?Chuck to clarify: Letters closer to the front of the alphabet have ahigher power rating. approximately 25 watts)P12N=18 watts P12P=14 watts P12Q=13 watts P12R=12 watts P12S=10 watts P12T= 9 watts These were the original RMS wattage figures; actual power handling willdecline with age.If reconed, these speakers can handle higherwattages.

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