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Latino partners may well also be Catholic and this will be something that you need to discuss if your relationship becomes serious.

If your partner is devoutly Catholic then this can affect everything from sex, to which school you might send your children to and where you would get married.

For instance Latinos will typically take family very seriously and will be very loyal to their mothers and fathers.

For most of us this is a very admirable trait, but in some cases parents can get in the way of a relationship (though this is true of any culture).

The thing is that for Latina her man is the best man on the entire planet, so she will try any opportunity to boast with you. However, you will have to cope with the bad feeling of being her trophy. When dating a Latina, you will need to go through all ups and downs together, and it won’t be as easy as you may think.

She’ll be telling everybody how handsome, strong, intelligent and so on you are. Latinas are very passionate so when two of you fight you might not even know what you are fighting for.

And keep this in mind when you come to your Latin date’s granny – abuelita – you must taste everything she gives to you! Because everybody around you and your girlfriend will be astonished by her beauty.

If you as a couple stay in Latin America, you will even have to protect her from other males as hot South American men will keep showing their appreciation of a beauty that is near you – that’s their culture.

At the same time they tend to be taught to be coy and shy in dating and not to show off or brag about their achievements.

You should never be greedy for your emotions: trust us, all that you give to her will come back to you tenfold.

Lauren Welch is a leading dating advice expert for men and women.

You need to be ready for dating a Latina before you sign up for an online dating site and browse through Spanish-speaking girls’ profiles.

Otherwise, you might easily give up under the pressure of Latina’s love and passion.

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