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I called his mom and asked her to come sit in on the conversation since it is her money.Once he sat down with us I started by telling him I just found out his mom has been giving us 0 a month to help pay for our daughters treatment and therapy.We hiked a trail for the better part of the day before stopping to rest before making the trek back down, when I had the opportunity in conversation I mentioned that I had thought about his question about me ever having a male-male experiment and I told him that although I hadn't ever really had one or considered it until that point, it stuck with me and I thought I might be curious to try it.I delivered this passively, just so not to put HIM on the spot, to my comfort, he received it well, he had some genuine sentiments about how short life is and how things are not always so black and white in terms of how things should be.Original post here Lots of you were wanting an update following our hangout on Saturday, the trip went well, we spent the entire day out hiking.I was very observant in our interactions, however, I didn't want to be so observant that I overthought anything or misinterpreted anything, so I went with the flow and the vibes were great.

I know I waited awhile to update but I felt like I had nothing to update at the time of the hiking trip so I wanted to wait until I had more to report.

I will post another update in the comment section here after Monday.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has given me advice and been so supportive.

I went in for our hug, when I pulled back I kept my arms around his back, let him pull back until he was spaced back, he looked me right in the face and sort of smirked ' and I laid it on him, I went right in and kissed him.

It was short, I didn't use much tongue, but I pulled back and said "I guess I can say I've experimented now, right?

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