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From Antey, you can enjoy a particularly attractive angle on the Cervino whose magnificent might means that it gives the impression of being wedged between the valley walls, a vision that as early as the XIX century impressed on the imagination of adventurous travellers.

Antey belonged to the Cly barons until the XIII century, when it came under the control of the Savoy family.

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A 2008 diagram published by Almaz-Antey showing the composition of an S-400 battery.

Notable points include the integration of external low band NNIIRT Protivnik GE and VNIIRT Gamma DE L-band radars, and a range of passive emitter locating systems.

The 30N6E2 further evolved into the more capable 92N6E Grave Stone, carried by a new 8 x 8 MZKT-7930 vehicle.

The additional range required a significantly uprated transmitter tube to provide the higher power-aperture performance needed, in additional to an improved exciter and automatic frequency hopping capability.

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