Dating fender tube amps by serial number part 1

Whether it’s a vintage amp or a recent model such as this Fender Pro Reverb, hum can have several causes.Possible culprits include the preamp tubes, the power tubes, the hum balance resistors, and the power supply caps."Small" peghead, round string tree, truss rod adjusts at butt. Serial number on neck plate (except April to May 1954 models on back tremolo plate).Neck is 1 piece of maple with black dot position markers.

You also mentioned that you’re looking for a speaker option that decreases the overall volume of your amp.You can catch his podcasts at or email him at [email protected] I have scoured the internet for information to date it, but I have only been able to find information on how to date vintage Twin Reverbs. If you need help, there is a plate on the back that says 1965-2005. 1954 Stratocaster : Contoured ash body, two-color (yellow to brown) sunburst finish.Thin "spaghetti" peghead decal logo, no patent numbers.

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