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However, I do not and will not seek out unremembered abuse. The researchers interviewed other people in the participants’ lives who could corroborate the abuse.

The risk of creating the memory of something that never actually happened is too great. Researchers were able to corroborate stories in many cases for people who reported always remembering the abuse (45%) and people who recovered memories outside of therapy (37%).

It might be understandable for psychotherapists to be searching for abuse memories if remembrance of trauma was absolutely necessary for improved mental health.

avoid painful thoughts, memories, and feelings, this can cause a lot of problems. Searching for unremembered abuse in order to explain current difficulties is simply irresponsible on the part of the therapist.

Using hypnosis to recover memories is especially dangerous.

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This request contained some very serious misunderstandings about abuse memories and hypnosis; as a consequence, I thought it was worth writing about the topic in greater depth.Gold standard treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder such as Prolonged Exposure and Cognitive Processing Therapy deal with intrusive trauma memories, not hidden ones.There is no empirical evidence that someone needs to remember a previously forgotten traumatic experience to live a healthy and fulfilling life.For people, who recovered abuse memories in therapy, researchers were unable to corroborate a single case.Just because the researchers were unable to corroborate any cases of abuse when memories were recovered in therapy doesn’t mean that they were all false.

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