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Furthermore, I think that, in some cases, whatever shared interests we did have may have masked the underlying problems that ended the relationships, making them last longer than they otherwise would have and, in the process, hurting us both even more.(This is assuming the problems were fatal to the relationship and could not have been worked out with more time—which, in my case, is a safe assumption.) Generally, shared interests serve the same function that commitment does, with the same two contrasting effects.Ideally, you should find someone who appreciates your interests and indulges them when possible, or at least tolerates them in good humor.Of course, this should go both ways, and learning to appreciate a new partner’s interests may even expose you to new activities and experiences that you will come to enjoy (even if not always as much as your partner does! Shared interests may be a great way to meet and connect with someone new, but be careful about putting too much weight on them.But you can search for people outside of your area too if you like.It will be interesting to see if Love Flutter remains a site that focuses on people’s common interests or if it will eventually go the route of other sites and place more focus on profile pictures.But he or she will have to approve your request for that conversation to begin.In addition, the site has 24 reward badges that you can get as you keep using it.

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Of course, most dating sites claim to use this approach, but outside of the user placing interests on profile page, there isn’t much sophistication used in pairing people based on their likes.

Apparently, these badges are supposed to indicate how active you are on the site and they’re used to decorate your profile, but outside of that, they have no other use.

Additionally, the site has an Instagram-like photo feature that allows you to use effects on your profile page to make it look a bit cooler.

The one bad thing that stands out about the site is the inability for users to conduct searches based on personal interests.

However, the creators say they’re adding this feature soon.

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