Dating old fenwick casting rods

I have no plans on selling them, but I'd at least like to know what they are. I took the FL84-5 out to a warmwater creek and had a blast.Two bass and two gill, and they felt great for their small size. The rods should have markings on them giving length and line weights.You will also find some very nice custom rods there that put the older glass rods to shame.You will find a dedicated set of fly rodders who use only glass rods and really groove on the better made early rod -- like the Fenwicks.Hello everyone, and sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place.

For lots of lore on their care and uses checkout the Fiberglassflyrod forum..

I'm not sure if/when they stopped selling blanks to custom builders, I believe some of the old Grizzly rods pre-Feralite (metal ferrels with O-ring-1955-1962) were marked FL and all through the Feralite (tip over butt glass to glass starting production 1963) and have seen rods mentioned as Fenwick Woodstream designated as FLxx (Woodstream bought Fenwick in the late '70s) The FL84-5 should be 84" (7') long and tapered for a 5weight line. From 1960-1980 the production rods had serial numbers that could date them to a year, I don't know if the blanks were so marked or not.

Production rods were marked FFxx as far as I know, where the length was given in feet rather than inches. (Tom) A sweet casting rod (with a DT6F) with extra reach, lots of power in the butt section, while still having the finesse for smaller flies in the tip. (Doug)" I got a little more information on the rods, and yes, they were blanks. I'll send a picture showing the model number that was put on the rod. The brown color leads me to believe late '70s or '80s, earlier FL blanks I've seen were yellow.

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