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Access the Website conversion and revenue model calculators If you 'plug in' some average figures for pay-for-performance-based advertising options like cost per click or cost per action approaches, as shown below, it shows why fixed fee and CPM models tend to be preferred by publishers.It also shows that you need substantial traffic to make much money through advertising.

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For example, I subscribed to for access to the digital technology section for around‚ 80 GBP per year a few years ago.The limitation of the model is that it assumes the same model across the whole site.It would be straightforward to modify it for different sections.Google Network Revenues through Ads generate around 88% of Google's revenue.For me, the Google's content networks are one of the biggest secrets in online marketing with search engines such as Google generating over a third of their revenue from the network, but some advertisers not realizing their ads are being displayed beyond search engines and so not served for this purpose.

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