Dating sim kingdom days cheat codes

After the cut seen is done go to the castle and he will be there!

tothebatmobile- brings you to the last day itseffingfuchsia- max relationship with Lewis antisparkle- Max relationship with Ferris youthoughthewasacatatfirst- max relationship with Ian istillthinkheisadouchbag- max relationship with Joseph azombiewouldhavebeenbetter- max relationship with Daniel moneydoesgrowontrees- gives 00 imcancerfree- gives you 2000 HP yaranaika?

Talk to them and give gifts they like to raise the Mood to be full in order to kiss.

While a cast of characters are already present at the beginning of a game, there are additional characters that may be unlocked.

battleofmidway= Automaticity taken to the middle of the 30 days, which unlocks Jack (guy in cocoon) When Iris comes click Short Skit ( 1). When Oliver comes its 1 if you click Card Trick and 2 if you click Short Skit.

Also, just saying, they do work most on other games don't.

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Play as the princess of the Lunar Kingdom, a long lost member of a royal family who grew up in an orphanage.

Dates are a great way to increase your Relationship EXP.

Like gift giving, you can't go on dates without talking to a character for a while.

almostimmortalbutstillnot = max HP 9999 for the win! (That’s 9 ‘oh’s and one ‘o’ at the end) needextrabackpacknow = max items highspeedrebornbaby = minimum sin dokidokinotpatient = skip to final day friendzonedcrybaby = max relationship with Sergio girlsphobiabatter = max relationship with Vittorio youngsmartandsingle = max relationship with Nikolai obsessedwithriku = max relationship with Cleon aishiterugreenikemen = max relationship with Keagan myfavouriteexorcist = max relationship with Ignacio machomuscularracer = max relationship with Ray fallenhandsomeangel = max relationship with Angelo That.

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