Dating sites lava life

Those strategies were pointless, and you’ll learn why in this in-depth Lava dating site review.

Calling our experience on Lava a disaster would be the understatement of the century. Truthfully, there really weren’t many women we even cared to go out with.

Unfortunately, the product isn’t near as good as their marketing efforts. The real reason we didn’t rank Lava in our Top 5 list of dating sites is simple – we didn’t meet ANYONE.

No dates were set-up because there were no women to set dates up with. We used the same strategies for convincing women of our awesomeness on this site as we did on and other dating sites.

The site might look pretty at first glance, but in our opinion, it’s just really hard to find your way around on here, and find the kinds of women you want to talk to.

Two of the most prominent websites in the field of online dating are Plenty Of Fish and Lava Life.

Although it is obviously possible for you to use more than one dating site, it will save you a lot of time and trouble if you find the one that is best for you as early as possible.

We started getting into this above, but the main reason Lava is a scam is because many of the profiles are fake. That’s also part of the reason this site has so many female members.

Half of the attractive women you contact won’t be real women.

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