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“If they are mature enough to get married, they should be mature enough to write the note,” she says.

Often, couples put off their notes because they feel pressured to come up with perfect passages describing their appreciation.

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“Younger brides like a more rustic look.”Elevee carries higher-end brands in house, including Crane & Co.—“the gold standard for formal correspondence,” Bailey says—and trendy Vera Wang.

And I give you permission to use the same puzzle for every guest (as long as there's a personal note to go with it)--if you made custom games for each person in attendance, you'd never get those babies out on time!

How are you making your wedding thank-you notes memorable?

According to bridal etiquette, the couple has up to one year from the date of the wedding to send thank-you notes.

In reality, sooner is far better than later, says Litzie Clayton, owner of Especial Day, a gift and stationery store in Wilmington.

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