Dating while going through divorce illinois change in attitude of teens dating

At this point, you will require a lawyer to represent your interests, provide legal advice and manage the clerical duties required to proceed.A divorce attorney is likely to charge by the hour, and a contested divorce could last months or, in some rare cases, more than a year.

In the vast majority of contested divorce cases, the main sticking points involve property distribution, alimony or child custody.The court may recommend a mediator, or you can research available mediators in your area.These professionals do not have the final say on any issues; you and your spouse must make any final decisions.If your spouse decides to file a Response to the Petition, in which they agree with all of the points of the Petition, and there is no Counter Petition, then your divorce is uncontested.It is in your best interests to attempt to secure an uncontested divorce because it will expedite the proceedings and significantly reduce the cost.

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