Dating your next door neighbor dating figured full woman

If you’re a girl and your neighbor is a guy, this is particularly challenging because guys are territorial.Even if you’re not dating your neighbor, he still doesn’t want to see another guy going over to your place to hook up.

Depending on how close she lives, she may even be able to hear your phone conversations.And if she mentions an ex boyfriend, pay heed to that too. It's a lot to consider, but believe me, these things are important.Normally I wouldn't put to much stock onto these things at the beginning of a relationship, but this is some thin ice you'll be treading. You don't want World War 3 happening in your building.Heck, you may not want to see him bringing another girl home either.When you’re hooking up with someone who isn’t your neighbor, it’s easy to lie about your whereabouts on those days that you just don’t feel up to seeing him.

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