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After returning to their respective hometowns, they connected on that website, continued their conversation, and a romance ensued. One day, the happy couple was discussing the dating platform they met on, as well as others in the industry.

They identified plenty of areas for improvement, especially for fostering a relationship similar to theirs.

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“Additionally, many of the bloggers are either Chinese women or Western men who have lived and worked in China.” The active forums allow members to communicate with each other to help solve problems.

One way that China Love sets itself apart from other sites like it is by using robust features to help deter and combat scammers.

Scammer Prison™ allows members to see which users have been caught engaging in suspicious activities on the site.

Many friendships blossom and some evolve into relationships that lead to marriage.

“Some of our best Success Stories are members who met on the forum and then looked up each other’s profile and start to date,” said John.

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