Df not updating solaris Free 1 on 1 chat male

To associate new certificates with the publisher, use the Configure Parent Repos and Add Content actions in the Library → Oracle Solaris section of the Ops Center BUI.

See the Firewall Rules section of the Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center Ports and Protocols guide for firewall rules to allow systems to access the external IPS repository.

But the problem occurs when i used 'df -kh' to check the free space again where /var/lib/mysql still occupying the same disk space like the DB has NOT been moved to the new partition which is /var3.

I left it for couple of days when my /var/lib/mysql gets critical level again last night to 98% (free space left 2.5GB). Just plainly rebooting my server, and when it comes up, 'df -kh' shows /var/lib/mysql has 20G more free space!!!

The nightmare comes, my DB (My SQL - innodb engine) crashes.

Anyway, we have to restore all data again to the crashed DB. regards, GSThis means even after move the db, some of your db files still open(you can check this lsof | grep mysql) in same path because of that df -h showed same thing, but if you check with du -chs then you can get the actual information.

It's a feature since you can have anonymous files this way.

df not updating solaris-46

Hello, I have a linux systems with RHEL-4 installed with seven partitions, SATA Harddisk size is 160GB , My /usr becomes 95%, When I checked using `df -k` , So I deleted Some logs from there and freed Space upto 35 GB, Now when I give `df -k`. How do I get the right status from `df -k` without rebooting thet system.If a publisher is configured in a non-global zone, all locations for that publisher must be accessible from the global zone even if that publisher is not configured in the global zone. See Chapter 5, Running the Package Depot Server Behind a Web Server in Copying and Creating Package Repositories in Oracle Solaris 11.3 for more information.If the image has non-global zones, see the instructions for non-global zones in Location Not Found. command to find the location of the package repository that you are trying to use, and examine SMF services on that system.But as this is a production server I cannot reboot it.Is there any way that I can update the disk information manually without rebooting the host ?

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